Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation
Receives Contribution from MAC Membership

December 20, 2001

Larry Catuzzi (right) accepts the contribution to his daughter
Lauren's foundation to him at the Annual Meeting.
At the MAC annual meeting Bob Estrada, 2000-2001 MAC Vice-Chairman, presented Larry Catuzzi, a Director with Financial Security Assurance Inc. (FSA), and a former Chairman of the MAC, a donation from the MAC membership to the Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation. Larry gave eloquent and heartfelt thanks to the members of the MAC and the entire municipal finance community for their donation to the foundation. The initial donations will be used for cancer research and scholarships. Lauren, Larry’s daughter, was on United Flight 93, the passenger plane high jacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001 that crashed in Pennsylvania.