The Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation was established in 2001 to provide funding for projects and activities benefiting women and children's health, education and welfare.

This is a composite list of schools, past and present, attended by our Foundation Scholarship awardees (2002 - 2015).

Number Attended   Name of School
6   Texas A & M University
4   University of Pittsburgh
3   University of Texas
3   Texas Tech University
2   Wheaton College
2   Cornell University
2   Columbia University
2 LeHigh University






The following schools have each had 1 (one) attendee:

Tufts University
Colgate University
Duke University
Springfield College
Dartmouth College
Middlebury College
University of Colorado
Oberlin College
Villanova University
Brigham Young University
Scripps College
Penn State Altoona
University of California - San Diego
Slippery Rock College
Rutgers University
Georgetown University
Grove City College
Dominican University California
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  Penn State University
Skidmore College
Cedar Crest College
Rice University
James Madison University
Colby Sawyer College
University of Florida
University of Virginia
University of Utah
Southern Methodist University
University of South Carolina
Juniata College
Maryland Institute College of Art
Oklahoma University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology University
McDaniel College
Washington Jefferson College
Fairfield College
University of Pittsburgh/Johnstown